Lifelong Empowerment through Maths Mastery - for Everyone

Imagine trying to run a business, file your taxes correctly or simply do the shopping without a strong grasp of maths.

Maths plays a key part in our lives. It’s important for simple, everyday tasks but fundamental for achieving our potential, ambition and successful future life. 

For anyone without a strong grasp of maths mastery, overwhelming challenges and barriers to progress are everywhere. But it needn’t be that way.

Enter Math-U-See.

Math-U-See is an effective, hands-on and multi-sensory way to learn maths.

It makes teaching maths simple and learning maths enjoyable. Based on extensive research, this adaptable tool delivers key maths concepts in ways that enables every student to learn maths in the style that suits them. 

Set out in clear sequential levels, each student masters one concept at-a-time, progressing at the pace that’s exactly right for them. Learning is retained thanks to our Build-Write-Say method and the in-built systems of cumulative review.

From preschool to Year 12, students’ build their maths confidence and boost their enthusiasm as they progress through the Math-U-See levels.

Teaching maths is simplified with Math-U-See too. 

This engaging, adaptable and effective tool is designed to enable anyone to deliver the lessons that will make a crucial difference to a child’s life. With additional resources for teaching maths online, like these helpful explainer videos, Math-U-See takes the guesswork out of teaching and learning maths.

School teachers, learning support teachers, tutors, homeschoolers and parents can all benefit from Math-U-See’s straight-forward, adaptable and simple-to-use approach to maths teaching.

Help every child learn maths and
​achieve their full potential.

Learning with Math-U-See is as simple as...

Discover your student's level of mastery with
our exclusive Placement Tests

Teach new concepts in a concrete way  through hands-on Math-U-See lessons

Reinforce learning and understanding as the student teaches the concept back to you!

Jude, Parent

Math-U-See offers a concrete, logical, systematic and very sensible approach to maths right from the early years. Maths has become enjoyable for my son. It is now the first thing we do every day and he loves it!

Gaby, HomeSchooler

The Math-U-See program is brilliant. My 15-year-old has found the DVD easy to understand and the concepts are finally clicking in her brain.

Karen D, HomeSchooler

We were so excited to find a program to suit our visual, kinaesthetic and tactile learners. We have been so happy with the program, our kids have achieved so much in a short period of time.